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Prior Learning Assessment degree program gave me the opportunity to better myself, my business and it gave my clients more confidence in my abilities.

R.B.Y. London, England

After receiving my degree in Marketing from Almeda, I was rewarded by the company I work for with a surprise party, an extra week of vacation, and a notification from our Vice President about my achievement, on which all employees were copied. When our new fiscal year began, I was awarded a pay raise commensurate with those already having their degrees. The investment I made with Almeda College was well worth my time and effort.

M.O., Indiana

I am very happy about the degree that I received. Since I do have a lot of experience but not enough time to attend college the traditional method, the Almeda program gave me the opportunity to upgrade myself, my business and gave my clients more confidence in my abilities.

R.Y., United Kingdom

I received my Bachelor Degree in Health Care Administration this year. By obtaining my BSHC I am insured job protection should the requirements for my position be raised from an Associate to Bachelor degree. My career options are much greater, as I can apply for jobs, if I desire, that require a Baccalaureate degree. There is no downside to obtaining my BSHC. Thanks Almeda.

B.A.M., Missouri

I always sent the same questionnaire and so many sites I never heard back from them. You were very prompt, and answered all my questions. I checked out your web site, being sure that you were accredited, what further schooling, and qualifications I would require to finish my degree. I was absolutely amazed with the quality of your educators, and the simple process I had to go through to achieve my goals.

J.M.G., Nevada

By December 2002 I had landed my dream job with a global company, headquartered in Chicago, that is the leader in their field. I now have a challenging rewarding career that has many open career paths for me to follow. I love my new job and I firmly believe that my completion of my degree with Almeda was crucial in my attaining this rewarding and challenging position.

K.S., Illinois

My goal of attaining a degree was realized through Almeda by my past college courses that I have taken and also my work life experience. When you think about it, this combination of education and real life workforce experience is an awesome combination. Taking the knowledge from education and combining it with the sweat of the brow. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

T.B., Tennessee

I will be soon retiring from the federal government with my Almeda Master's degree, work experience, and a really great network of friends around the world. I expect, as a result of these three factors, to be able to have a really nice retirement wherever in the world I decide to go.

J.C., Okinawa, Japan

Many institutions utilize accelerated learning, cohort, cluster and other innovated programs to reach and meet individual student needs. Almeda's degree program assessment and verification process utilized my educational and professional achievements, which included college courses, seminars, workshops, work-study, and on-the- job training programs. My degree's conferment and award was based upon evaluations of my accomplishments, many of which have exceeded the content, format and substance of many traditional degree programs' criteria.

L.J., Southeastern USA .


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