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About Almeda University


Almeda University is an online institute that has been serving the international community since its inception in 1997. Over the past 10 years, Almeda has evolved to educate an expanding population through cutting edge curriculum design based on our students' needs and professional service.

Almeda University has proven ideal for many people seeking advanced education because of the wide range of Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees offered through diverse fields, including business, arts and sciences, and most technical fields.

The hallmark of education is found in Almeda's virtual campus - a learning community characterized by technological excellence, educational innovation and personal enrichment. We utilize an online education network in order to provide prompt and convenient service to meet the needs of people from all backgrounds.

Central to the mission of our organization is our unique ability to accommodate all styles of learning. Throughout our virtual campus you will find a learning community that is alive with high technology, educational innovation and personal enrichment. While our online method allows us to serve students all over the world with immediate and convenient guidance, we emphasize the value of one-to-one relationships that are frequently built amongst students and faculty. As a result, many students discover the perfect combination that allows them to realize the dream of an Almeda University degree to propel them toward their life's ambitions.

In order to educate people in as many areas of expertise as possible, Almeda has established a faculty with sterling academic and personal credentials. Although degrees offered vary according to availability of instructors and other administrative factors, our continued commitment to providing leading edge education services results in the continued development of degree plans that meet the current and emerging needs of our clients.

Our institution values the knowledge you've achieved through your life pursuits. If you've acquired practical experience working in a skilled trade or office environment, taken college classes in the past, or been involved in community or volunteer work, you may have established the foundation for receiving a degree through our Life Experience program. Almeda's innovative and widely regarded Prior Learning Assessment principles and guidelines convert experience into credits toward degrees. While we provide guidance for many disciplines, Almeda does not offer any medical or law related programs or certificates.

Almeda University is backed by a notable consortium of Directors, each of whom possess a unique area of expertise that helps guide the educational philosophy and growth of the organization. In an increasingly competitive job market, Almeda University has evolved to serve growing numbers of students across all disciplines. Our alumni have experienced subsequent success in the workplace, strengthening our reputation in the business world.

A college degree opens doors of opportunity for those who possess them. Almeda University's continued commitment to innovative education design allows students of all circumstances to earn these coveted credentials. By building a strong network of alumni armed to face the challenges of modern career development, Almeda will continue to grow and succeed. We measure our success by the immense gains of individual learners like you.


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