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About Our University Online Degree Programs

Almeda University offers a wide range of educational opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students offering both degree and non-degree programs.

Degree Programs:

    Business, Religion and Theology degrees are awarded through either the Almeda School of Theology or the Almeda School of Business Administration. At this time, no other departments at Almeda have developed doctorate level university degree programs. Almeda offers 9 distinct business focus areas and 20 distinct theology focus areas to appeal to diverse business and theological preferences. Our graduates are well trained and suited to a wide variety of roles within the study and practice of business and religion in society. Doctoral degrees are conferred as D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration), Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) or Th.D. (Doctor of Theology) when Almeda students successfully complete the required program of study.

    Learn more about our doctoral business programs offered by Almeda University.

    Learn more about our doctoral theology programs offered by Almeda University.

    MBA Program
    Almeda's MBA degree programs, offered through the Almeda University School of Business, can help you gain the added credentials and valuable learning you need to advance your career by offering flexibility in specializations, focus and applying your learning to your profession and a global perspective and relevance. Our flexible, self-paced online learning format allows students to "attend class" when and where it's convenient for them. Almeda provides flexible MBA programs to our students.

    Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees
    Almeda University offers a wide range of college degrees at Associate, Bachelor, and Master Levels. Our offerings include business and most technical fields, as well as the arts and sciences. View our complete list of degrees we offer at Almeda University. These degrees are offered through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program and not available to just anyone. There is a specific set of criteria for each and every degree level, and your qualifications in your chosen field of study will be examined thoroughly. Learn more about Almeda's PLA program.

Non-Degree Programs
    For those students seeking to update their portfolio of skills and proficiencies, Almeda presents over 1,000 professional development courses conveniently offered through our stay-at-home e-Learning channel.

    Our e-Learning products provide a cost-effective solution to your learning needs. Put together a subscription of online courses containing packages, series, or both. You'll get unlimited access, 24 x 7, to high quality online courses for a full twelve months!

    Courses range from Web development to project management to building customer loyalty to health insurance. We cover the topics you want to learn! Learn more about Almeda's non-degree professional development courses


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