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The Almeda University Graduate


Almeda University produces the most experienced and professional graduates of any learning institution because we champion achievement and recognize education received on the job. Unlike the majority of colleges that emphasize textbook concepts, Almeda University encourages our students’ professional development through hands-on work related experience. We do not minimize this achievement by forcing students to endure theoretical versions of what they have already mastered simply to make a profit by charging them for credit hours. Thus, we attract results-oriented students who are driven to succeed.

To enhance these professional credentials, Almeda reviews the students’ backgrounds to determine which subject and content areas need to be supplemented. Adjunct Professors from major universities across the nation evaluate our students based on the widely used Prior Learning Assessment and advise any relevant coursework through our cutting edge distance learning program.

When a degree is conferred by Almeda University, it is the product of years of practical learning combined with superior instruction in the subjects found most valuable to organizations. Almeda graduates of all degrees possess the following hallmarks of successful employees:


The major benefit to hiring Almeda University graduates is the knowledge that you are bringing a proven professional on board. Our graduates have amassed years of experience in a variety of professional settings, offering immediate assistance with their expertise and minimal expenses due to training. Colleges and universities throughout the country generate hundreds of millions of dollars by strictly adhering to traditional pedagogy, offering education through test taking rather than actual circumstances. They employ curricula based on in-class learning, and even subjects as practical as Business and Communications do not mandate experience outside the classroom. Almeda graduates have an immediate edge over students from these programs, with backgrounds that have achieved success while facing real-life consequences, proving an experienced addition to your team.


Even when companies invest large expenses in training new graduates from traditional institutions in on-the-job practical skills, it is common to find a lack of professional etiquette and understanding due to isolation from real world experience. New employees to the workforce require substantial time to learn the intangible elements of professionalism. Almeda graduates have learned the art of professionalism in the only way possible: through previous work experience. In addition to the practical skills they bring to the job, Almeda graduates conduct their business with a demeanor that elicits positive relationships with their coworkers and the organization’s external clients.


Today’s workplace is characterized by the emergence of group communication and work teams, units that must work cohesively to achieve the organization’s objectives. Graduates of Almeda University bring practical experience working in teams, whereas students of traditional programs are, by design, engaged in a solitary enterprise. In classroom environments, knowledge is measured based on an understanding of theoretical principles as determined by individual test scores. Without actual experience working together with others to produce tangible results, individuals are prone to peer-to-peer tensions and disharmony that invariably sabotages team effectiveness. Almeda graduates have acquired the interpersonal skills necessary to communicate effectively with coworkers, along with an understanding of the implications of contributing to a team project.


Leadership is a crucial area that often determines the health of a workplace. It is not restricted to a prescriptive label like “supervisor” or “manager”, but often is displayed by the ability of an employee to recruit peers to act in a likewise manner. Almeda prides itself on attracting leaders from all fields to our program, with the promise that their valuable leadership skills will be credited toward their degree completion. Consequently, our graduates have significant experience as decision makers and project innovators. They know what it takes to succeed, and they share a strong work ethic, valuable information, and tremendous insight with their coworkers. Leadership of this magnitude is highly valuable to an organization – for just as leaders can promote a culture of success, discontented employees can lead an environment of negativity. College graduates newly entering the workforce often become frustrated when their jobs do not unfold in the precise theoretical way they learned in school, which transfers into negative relationships and reduced productivity with their peers. Only those who have acquired the firsthand knowledge of the actual workplace are equipped with the experience to serve as positive leaders.

Summary: Experienced Graduates Offer Employers the Greatest Rewards

Countless examples of successful organizations are traced to a key variable: they have assembled a workforce of the right people to plan and implement their objectives. When deciding on which new employee is the best candidate to help your organization prosper, consider that graduates who combine a practical background with education possess the experience, professionalism, teamwork, and leadership abilities essential for success.

Almeda University is committed to offering the best-educated employees to organizations around the world. As such, we understand that an academic degree without practical experience is only a formula for excessive expense and logistical inefficiency for businesses. Our graduates provide you with the ability to contribute immediately to your mission, using the knowledge they have acquired through valuable work experience and guidance they have received from their Almeda education. Their performance goes beyond mere potential and theoretical knowledge. Organizations of all types can be confident that their best candidate is one who proudly holds an Almeda University degree.

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