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Almeda University is the ideal location for online learning and earning your college degree online. But you don't have to just take our word for it, rather read about us in the news to learn more about our degree programs. Furthering your education has never been easier or more beneficial to your career. With Almeda University you can earn your undergraduate, Master's degree or even complete your Doctorate.

Almeda University Endorses Alternative Education for School Children with Membership to AERO
Almeda University (AU) has become a member of AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization. AU brings adult alternative degree choices and AERO promotes alternative education choices for our schools - a perfect synergy. Read full article

Life Experience Degree Program at Almeda University Offers Career Guidance, Online University Degrees and Job Seeking Assistance for Qualified Students
Students concerned about the economy find assistance with career choices and job seeking with Almeda University's new series on guides to earning a life experience degree online. Read full article

Almeda University Offers Guidance to Students Earning Life Experience Degrees
Almeda University, a leading online provider of life experience degrees, now offers useful guide to earning life experience degrees online. Students are assisted in the process of degree selection, requirement completion and given post-graduate career assistance. Read full article

Almeda University Students Benefit from New Online Degree Guides for Graduate Degree Programs
Students with existing university degrees are utilizing Almeda University's new guide to graduate university degrees online to complete their masters and doctorate degrees quickly and affordably.  Read full article

Almeda University Taps Into Past Successes for New Guides to Obtaining A University Degree Online
Almeda University utilized its long history of providing quality university degrees online in the development of online learning guides for current and prospective students. These guides to achieving an online college degree offer advice on what programs will best suit the students' interests and career goals as well as practical information on the process of earning a university degree online.  Read full article

Almeda University Caters to Working Students with Additional Guide to an Online Education
Students are seeking higher education online to improve job security and earning potential in the current competitive job market. Utilizing over 10 years of experience providing university degrees online, Almeda University makes life easier for working students to earn an online degree with a new online degree guide that is tailored to assist working students utilize their flexible and affordable programs.  Read full article

Almeda University Offers Clearly Defined Guide to University Degrees Online
Almeda University, an online university, introduces an improved way to achieve online degrees by providing a greater level of the guidance students need to reach their academic goals while enjoying the benefits of earning university degrees online. Students express appreciation for Almeda's clearly defined process and the support of academic and administrative advisors.  Read full article

International Students Thrive at Almeda University
As rising tuition costs leave many students without access to higher education, Almeda University meets the needs of a diverse student body by providing relevant and affordable Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs.  Read full article

New Guide to Online Degrees Serves International Students of Almeda University
For over a decade Almeda University has been working with international students to help them achieve their higher education goals. Utilizing this experience, Almeda has created a guide to online university degrees that speaks to the needs of international students. Read full article

Business Students find Guidance with Almeda University's New Guide to University Degrees Online
Serving the needs of men and women currently working in the business environment, Almeda University offers a new guidebook to earning a university degree online. The guidebook offers practical advice on choosing an online degree, completing university degree online requirements and achieving post-graduate success.  Read full article

Almeda University Releases Step-by-Step Guide to Earning an Online Degree
Tapping into over ten years of offering online university degrees, Almeda University offers detailed instructions on achieving an online college degree. This guide to online university degrees features a step-by-step approach to online degree program selection and completion as well as post-graduate career assistance.  Read full article

Increasing Number of Students find Almeda University's Guide to University Degrees Online the Key to Successfully Achieving an Online Degree
Students from all over the world are utilizing Almeda University's unique guidance to achieve an online college degree. Many cite the online degree guide as an integral part of path to a more successful future.  Read full article

Almeda University launches new website
Almeda University today announced the launch of a new website designed to inform prospective students and provide valuable services to current students and alumni. The website, www.almedauniversity, received a complete design and functionality overhaul and is now even more capable of meeting the needs of its users.  Read full article

Almeda University Offers Clearly Defined Guide to University Degrees Online
Recognizing a need for greater student support, Almeda University has reached out to students to help them through the process of achieving a degree online. This guidance has resulted in an impressive completion rate for students who begin online degree programs with Almeda University.Read full article

Almeda University Offers Higher Education at a Lower Price.
Almeda University makes higher learning accessible to a wide range of students by offering the advanced degrees that employers are seeking and tuition rates that students can fit into their budgets today. With the cost of higher education rising faster than the rate of inflation and the increasing importance of college degrees in the workplace, students are finding themselves in the difficult position of choosing between paying the bills today and investing in the future. Almeda University tackles this problem by providing degree programs with the flexibility to accommodate a busy work and family schedule and tuition costs that won't break the bank. Read full article:

Almeda University Grads Reach Great Heights
Almeda University graduates are making a difference in today's world. Recent studies have indicated that graduates from Almeda University are informed, capable, skilled individuals who are using their educations to take on the full potential of their industries. Read full article:

Almeda University Degrees Help Students to Reach Higher in Their Careers
Almeda University students aren't just learning knowledge and skills, but are discovering paths to higher and greater futures in the careers of their choice. Students graduating with degrees open many more doors in their career paths than those with only high school educations. Read full article:

Almeda University Awarded Membership in NAOAA
Almeda University, one of the world's leading online institutions of higher learning, has been awarded membership in the National Association of Academic Online Assessors (NAOAA). As a member of NAOAA, Almeda University is certified to assess prior learning and award degrees based on that thorough and demanding assessment. Read full article:

Almeda University Silences the Critics
The evidence is overwhelming that Almeda University is not only legitimate; it is in many ways superior to traditional mortar and brick colleges. What such institution can claim 100% student satisfaction as Almeda can? According to the latest Better Business Bureau report, there have been zero complaints about Almeda in the last 36 months (the reporting period). Read full article:

Internal Studies Results Reveal the Outstanding Value of an Almeda University Degree for Both Graduate and Employer
Recent internal studies have revealed that an Almeda University degree is highly beneficial for both Almeda University graduates and their employers. The results from these studies found that Almeda University is the leading learning institution for producing experienced and professional, job-ready graduates that have the drive to succeed. Read full article: