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How To Apply


For a limited time only, Almeda University is waiving its application and evaluation fee.

If you send us your application form right now, our qualified staff will evaluate your life experiences free of charge.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation until you decide to pursue an Almeda University degree. In order to earn your degree, tuition is appointed after your evaluation is completed. Because there is currently no cost to process your application, we encourage you to act now to take advantage of this special offer.

All we need are the facts

The first thing you need to do is gather all of your verifiable professional and educational achievements and write them up in a resume format. College courses, seminars, workshops, work-study programs and on-the-job training are all examples of the types of experience that can assist you toward obtaining your Life Experience Degree. See our How It Works page for more ideas on what types of experiences can help you earn a degree.

Once you’ve gathered your credentials, simply complete our user-friendly application form to fill in as much information as possible, and submit it to us when finished. Your application will be assigned for review to an appropriate assessor, who will evaluate your credentials and provide you with a response within one to four days.

Note: applicants are considered on an individual basis, entirely on their own merit and according to predefined criteria that is proprietary to Almeda University.

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