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New Programs at Almeda University

Almeda University is proud to introduce the Almeda School of Business, which now offers four online MBA programs:

  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Human Resources Management
  • MBA General Management

Now there is an affordable way to earn your MBA Online. Along with our other online college degrees, our MBA programs provide exceptional value to our students. Click here to view the tuition plan. Click here to learn more.

Now offering Doctor of Philosophy in Hinduism:

With this latest addition, the Almeda School of Theology now offers 20 distinct focus areas to appeal to diverse theological preferences. Doctoral degrees are conferred only when Almeda students successfully complete any one of the following requirements within a specified major:

  • Author an original dissertation
  • Provide original answers to essay questions
  • Demonstrate publication of an originally written article or manuscript
To learn more about the Almeda School of Theology, please click here