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Almeda University Offers Guidance to Students Earning Life Experience Degrees

Almeda University, a leading online provider of life experience degrees, now offers useful guide to earning life experience degrees online. Students are assisted in the process of degree selection, requirement completion and given post-graduate career assistance.

San Juan, PR (PRWEB) September 26, 2008 - The modern day workforce is filled with men and women of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Thanks to on-the-job training programs, professional seminars and courses and the knowledge that comes with doing a job over a long period of time, many highly trained and valuable employees are without a university degree. Unfortunately, these individuals are often viewed as less valuable than their degreed counterparts and are not hired as frequently or paid as generously. Almeda University seeks to bridge this gap by offering online life experience degrees and a new guidebook to assist students as they earn their university degrees online.

The new guidebook is part of a series developed by Almeda University to support students as they work toward their life experience degrees online. The guides help students determine the appropriate degree for their life experience and career goals. Students are walked through the application process and assisted with life experience documentation. Once the student has received his or her life experience degree online, career services such as resume assistance and job-hunting advice are offered.

"These new guides really take the guesswork out of the online life experience degree process," says Richard Franklin, Almeda University Spokesperson. "By helping the students choose from our vast catalog of undergraduate and graduate life experience degrees to find the program that fits and taking them through the whole process, we can give them the support they need to see the process through to completion."

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