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Almeda University Prospective Students

Who is the Almeda University prospective student?  Our statistics show it’s someone who has attained advanced knowledge from diverse universes.  The student interested in Almeda’s innovative curriculum design has already attained their knowledge from various places and venues.  The prospective student has a blended education of progressive secondary classroom learning and hands on experience outside of the classroom.  For some, it is an education that expands across multiple continents.  Our prospective students do not follow the matriculated one stop, one time structure of educational course work.  Instead they are habitual learners.  Many of our students are themselves leading consultants and subject matter experts in their own industry before they have enrolled at Almeda University.

Almeda University’s global online enrollment population is 22% senior managers, 16% managers, 10% business owners, 9% directors and 7% C Level  and above Executives.  Our students are progressive and dynamic professionals seeking a degree program that is compatible to their educational philosophy. Almeda University accomplishes this through Prior Learning Assessments.  Almeda University is not a vendor of online college credit courses; we offer thesis - one-on-one student/professor Prior Learning Assessment course review services online.  Our students are unique and they find this alternative degree program the right fit in attaining their degree credentials. 

Our prospective student is an individual who knows the value of their accomplishments and pursues a virtual quantitative validation of their achievements through an experiential associate’s, bachelors, masters or even doctorial degree from an accredited professor.   It is the career savvy professional who is finally able to showcase their degree prominently on their wall or their curriculum vitae (CV) and has the reassurance that Almeda University will provide verification and transcript services for their future career endeavors for many years to come.  Almeda University is a trusted name with the Better Business Bureau since 1997.

We encourage all prospective students to browse through the pages of our website.  It is the best way to discover the tremendous possibilities to optimize all that Almeda University has to offer.  We take great satisfaction in offering an abundance of program choices to degree seeking individuals with the unparalleled cost advantages of 100% Prior Learning Assessment degree awards.  Almeda University‘s degrees and noncredit course offerings are fraction of the cost of corporate for-profit online degree entities.  Corporate business depends upon pushing expensive loan application resources to meet their growing for profit infrastructure. This is not so at Almeda University.

It is time to be recognized for your experiential knowledge. Almeda University enables you to do this.  You have chartered your own course in personal advancement and we would like to help you to take these successes to the next level.  Almeda University provides the opportunities and resources to enhance and consolidate your educational portfolio.  Our online college degree practices can be the added asset to open the doors of your future.  Almeda University offers a wide range of degree and non-degree instruments that can propel your full-sized dreams and life's ambitions.

We hope you make Almeda University the right choice for you. We re always available to assist you in navigating through our online degree prospectus information or any other questions you may have.  Whether you are potential student or an alumnus, we welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter which spotlights the advantages of a life experience education.  We measure our success by the immense gains of self-motivated students like you.

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