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Online Doctorate Degrees In Business

Earning your Doctor of Business Administration

As today’s business world evolves to demand increased mastery of management principles and specialized areas of expertise, Almeda has created the Doctor of Business Administration curriculum to meet this critical need. This program is conceived as a blend of the academic study of business administration principles with the analysis of real world processes and practical management situations. Hence, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a more focused and pragmatically developed course of study on a higher level than MBA designs.

Doctor of Business Administration majors are formed to reflect the primary topics in the field. Almeda offers the DBA in 9 distinct topic areas, including:

In order to be conferred a degree in one of the DBA specialty majors, you must successfully complete one of the following study tracks:

Develop and compose a thesis that explores an intellectually significant aspect related to your selected field of study. This work needs to be original in its approach and must reflect a scholarly curiosity in its presentation.

Provide detailed answers to Almeda’s essay questions that correspond directly to your intended major. Successful completion of this option requires you to fully address 7 out of 10 available questions that pertain to your area of expertise.

Publish a manuscript that relates to one of the DBA areas of study in an appropriate journal, newspaper, or book.

To learn more about the doctorate program or to apply, please complete the form located Here. Be sure to include the major in which you have the most interest.